Smoke and Mirrors


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Mirror mirror on the wall, playing prism tricks on my eyes. Smoke and mirrors. Distorted reflections. Who’s the fairest of them all.

prism mirror


Honored and Touched by Kindness


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Since I started blogging, I have been touched by your “likes” and comments about my photography. Honestly, I am not used to receiving praise for my work, but that’s a long story and I’ll spare you the details. I just want to thank my fellow bloggers for acknowledging my work. It means so much to me.

In the past month, I was honored to be interviewed by Stacy Miller. She is a joy to talk to and an extraordinary interviewer. So, please follow her

I, also, had the please of speaking with her sister, Tracy Miller, who is a gifted poet. Since our chat, Tracy has been kind and caring enough to write several poems regarding my photographs. There really are no words, except that, I am touched beyond words.  Her words speak for themselves, so please follow this talented woman

Her most recent poem was inspired by this photograph and I hope it inspires all of you, as all of you inspire me xo


Silent Pictures


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I haven’t been posting much. As a friend of mine reminded me, I was putting too much pressure on myself to think of clever things to write to accompany the photos. My mind has been total mush, lately. But, my camera keeps on clicking. So…………………………….

A fancy manhole cover? Or, a blinged out medallion for the neck? Or, maybe my family crest? How about an industrial place mat?


The Lingering Visitor


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Dear Summer/Autumn,

I want to apologize for my abrupt behavior last week. But, you need to understand that I need my space. Don’t get me wrong. I love having you around and you are always welcome back. Just don’t overstay your visit. How do you tell someone that it’s time to go, without hurting their feelings. I tried giving you subtle hints….hints like “We’re all hoping for a White Christmas, and not, Winter in Palm Springs.” It went right over your head, didn’t it.  In any event, again, please accept my apology but don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



for show with toshie1


In The Same Day It Changes

It’s no secret that I live with a chronic illness, that loves to play tricks on me. It changes form from one minute to the next. It mocks me. It tricks me. It surprises me. I never know what it has rolled up its sleeve.

The weather has taken on the guise of my illness. In one day, it can change from sunny and mild to cloudy and cold. These two photographs were taken on the same day. Trickery and surprise can be a beautiful thing.





dragon award

I have been nominated for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award, by my talented friend of many years, Tosha, whose blog “Everything I Never Told You” never ceases to amaze me,

I’m fairly new to blogging and find myself being constantly challenged. But, I am also constantly amazed by the incredible talents of artists, photographers, writers, and poets on WordPress. I learn from all of you.

The rules are:

*Display the award on your blog

*Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.

*Present six deserving bloggers with the award

*Link your awardees in the post

*Write 7 interesting things about you

FACTS: ( uh oh )

1. I am adopted, and, after years of searching for my biological family,     found my first cousins on Facebook

2. Until I was 10 years old, I carried a maroon blanket around with me. Her name was Dolores. I still have no idea how I came up with that name.

3. I’m an only child.  Even to this day, I often feel alone. I am, probably, overly concerned about everyone liking and accepting me.

4. Being a local actress and union member, I have appeared in many feature films, rubbing elbows with Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks. But, my claim to fame was being cast as a crazy bank customer in a low low budget film that was never released.

5. My fashion icon is Diane Keaton. I adore her boldness, her uniqueness, and her incredible talent. My favorite film is Annie Hall and I have used that as my “Username” on the internet for years.

6. I am a vintage clothing junkie. If you see a consignment store or an outdoor market, I am probably there. You must accessorize haha

7. Panic attacks used to control me. Now, I control them…most of the time

My Nominations:

Tosha. Well, she did nominate me. haha Seriously, her talents continue to amaze me. She writes from her soul.

Geetha. Her words and images are as beautiful has she is.

Lisa. She is open, funny, honest and adorable.

Christian. His blogs are fascinating and funny. I love going on his journeys with him

Mopana. Talented and sensitive Romanian ( we share that heritage). Her blogs are varied and always incredible.







Rooms with a View


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Ok, so for right now, I’m unable to stalk the neighborhoods for some good shots, lately. But, like most of us do, we adapt to our limitations.  I’m lucky to live in an apartment with lots of windows and unobstructed views. I’m on a pretty high floor, so the sky keeps shouting my name.






Oh, come on….you’re just no fun anymore


I decided to publish this blog on “Perceptions” Sometimes, it’s much easier to reblog than explain, in detail, the reason for my latest absence. Much love………jane

Symptoms of a Brain Cloud

I’ve done so much in my life. I’ve had amazing jobs.  Jobs that had me working ungodly hours through the night. Jobs that had me running down hallways to meet deadlines. Remember that classic scene in Broadcast News, where Joan Cusack is sliding under file cabinets and falling down stairs….that was me. I have traveled to places where I would drag tons of heavy luggage through airports and hotels….LA, Mexico, London, Athens, Israel, Lebanon…. climbing mountain ranges, walking for miles in 100 plus temperatures, hitting the club scenes, dancing all night. Even when I was exhausted, I would drag myself to the gym and lift weights…ugh…I hated working out. I remember one winter we had a blizzard with about 27 inches of snow. Everything was closed… it was great… I didn’t live close to the gym, so I put on my snow boots and walked blocks, in the middle of…

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