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It all started a year ago. It was so spontaneous and so matter of fact, like it was meant to be.  My mom was always encouraging me to do it, but I would just roll my eyes at her in that “sure sure Mom” kind of way. I was on my way home. It was a damp and cloudy day. The park was empty, except for a stocky man sitting on a bench, playing his trumpet. I decided to sit a few benches away from him.  It was just me, the unidentified man in a worn jacket, the trumpet and the autumn leaves. I don’t remember what tune he was playing. I do  remember thinking that he was pretty damned good but wished he had a warmer jacket. He didn’t seem to mind. He was one with his trumpet and that’s all that mattered. I reached for my phone to text a friend. Something or maybe someone ( hi mom) told me to aim my phone camera at the music man and take a photo.  I had no zoom lens. Just an android. I started to feel a bit anxious as I did not want him noticing that he would become………………………….my first photograph


I haven’t stopped clicking……with the same android…..with no zoom.  Thank you Mom.

trumpet man