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Currently, I am fighting one of the hardest obstacles in my life. But, it seems that the more I fight with it, the tighter it takes hold of my being.  I need to make friends with it….you know …”keep your enemies closer” kind  of approach. If I accept it…make friends with it… laugh at it… it will lose its strength and loosen its hold on me.

I took this photograph a year ago during one of my walks. Looking at the photo today, it seems to represent where I am today. I live in an historical city where many of the sidewalks and streets are paved with bricks and cobblestones. They are beautiful. But, if you have limited mobility, they can be hazardous. I still walk these streets, but with total awareness.  But, the awareness has changed. Where I used to see danger, I now see beauty behind the danger……..while still stepping lightly