I decided to publish this blog on “Perceptions” Sometimes, it’s much easier to reblog than explain, in detail, the reason for my latest absence. Much love………jane

Symptoms of a Brain Cloud

I’ve done so much in my life. I’ve had amazing jobs.  Jobs that had me working ungodly hours through the night. Jobs that had me running down hallways to meet deadlines. Remember that classic scene in Broadcast News, where Joan Cusack is sliding under file cabinets and falling down stairs….that was me. I have traveled to places where I would drag tons of heavy luggage through airports and hotels….LA, Mexico, London, Athens, Israel, Lebanon…. climbing mountain ranges, walking for miles in 100 plus temperatures, hitting the club scenes, dancing all night. Even when I was exhausted, I would drag myself to the gym and lift weights…ugh…I hated working out. I remember one winter we had a blizzard with about 27 inches of snow. Everything was closed… it was great… I didn’t live close to the gym, so I put on my snow boots and walked blocks, in the middle of…

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